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From Dusty Sod

by Warrior 4Christ

Little sprigs of blue-eyed grass
Peers up from the dusty sod
Beneath cheery-faced white daisies
Which smile upon their God.
Swallowtails and Monarchs drift
Beneath the warm wind's kiss,
As Summer's graceful fingers bless
My heart with happy bliss.

Sweet roses nod their fragrance into life
Above bright yellow butter-cup,
As new un-furling forest ferns
Hold fronded offerings up.
The sun shines golden, high and hot,
Upon snowy clouds of South,
And I humbly fall upon bent knees
To pop wild strawberries in my mouth.

Peaceful? I am delighted!
O thank You, Loving God!
For I, like little sprigs of blue-eyed grass,
Peer up—at Thee—from dusty sod.

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