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My Christ, I Own Thee Mine

by Warrior 4Christ

My Christ—I Own Thee Mine

My duty to Thee I still read in Thy Word.
My heart still claims Thee "Christ—my Lord"!
Oh, that in my humble character,
Thy precious life may appear.

May I live Thy truth, feel Thy zeal;
Be fully obedient to Thy will—
Take Thy ways and make them mine,
That I might savor Thee, O Thou Divine.

Thou hast held me fast with care,
Borne my need to God's throne in prayer,
Led my soul stark temptation through;
Shared my griefs—and vict'ries, too.

Pattern Thyself in my thought and view,
As I bear my cross and follow You.
Own my heart—and all I am—
As one who owns Thee as "The Lamb"!

I am but mortal—Thou art Divine—
But please claim me as one of Thine.
May I Thy seal of approval bear,
And of Thy Presence daily share.

"I shall give thee a heart to know Me, that I AM The Lord; and thou shalt be My people,and I will be Thy God: for thou shalt return to Me with your whole heart."
Jeremiah 24:7

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