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Serving God

by Pernell Rodocker © 2015

How can I please you God, when I see only my desires?
How can I do all that the Bible, your word, requires?

I know that all things will work out with in your will,
Yet, I try, sometimes daily, to convince, until…

Until I feel satisfied that I will get what I want,
But sleep evades me like a bad dream, it will ever taunt.

So I try and I try to guide you to my will,
Though you are God, I know that, I even try still…

Have mercy on me oh God and show me your love,
Someday I will walk with you in Heaven above…

Then I pray that you will, my ignorance forgive,
I bow my head so humble glad that I will live…

Your thoughts are higher than mine, even are your ways,
Thank you oh Lord my God, you even guide my days…

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