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by Mark Spencer © 1998

She stood quietly on the edge,
Watching the waves below.
She was sure no one would miss her,
They wouldn't even know.

Alone in a sea of people,
Blissfully unaware.
She was all but invisible,
No one knew she was there.

There were never any answers,
Just confusion and strife.
Like a piece of cosmic garbage,
Living a useless life.

She wondered if the fall would hurt,
Would she suffer at all?
And what if somehow she survived,
Left crippled by the fall?

Perhaps people would notice then,
Though they'd try not to stare.
She wouldn't be invisible,
At least they'd see the chair.

Then from behind her came a voice,
"Don't do this!" it implored.
A little girl stood all aglow,
An angel from the Lord.

"Mommy, I can't let you do it.
You're worth more than you know.
If your life ends, mine can't begin;
I'll lose my chance to grow!"

The apparition startled her;
A child she never bore?
She didn't know how this could be,
But wanted to know more.

The child became a teenager,
And addressed her again.
"I'll need your patient wisdom when
My rebel years begin."

She watched the vision change once more,
To a young woman now.
She said: "Who will plan my wedding,
The day I make that vow?"

Again the apparition changed,
And took her by the hand.
An older woman promised her,
That she'd soon understand.

Then all around the two of them
Stood people, young and old.
"Each of these is your descendant."
What a sight to behold.

When the apparitions faded,
Only the child remained.
"Mommy, life is a precious thing!
We need you!" She explained?

"You shouldn't feel invisible,
You have a destiny.
Even if it goes unnoticed,
By those who cannot see!"

"There's a reason for every life.
From the king to the drunk.
And every soul is important,
For God does not make junk."

With that, the vision disappeared,
And finally she knew;
Every person has a purpose;
There is a plan for you.

This poem won first place for the July 2021 poetry contest

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