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Poems by Mark Spencer

poem count: 95 | pages: 11 | first place: 4 times | second place: 4 times | finalist: 38 times
By The Grace Of God
This is a song that I wrote in response to the times we live in today. I just finished a video and uploaded it. you can find it at this web address:

If You Ask
A true response within a hypothetical scenario.

The Saint And The Neophyte
A fictional poetic tale about the three Magi, the birth of Jesus, and the journey of Alphaeus, father of Matthew, and his son!.

The Sunrise Of Eternity finalist in poetry contest
A poetic take on the creation story!.

The Return finalist in poetry contest
A poetic tale of the second coming of Jesus.

A Dog From Gallilee
A poetic tale of Jesus, from an unconventional perspective.

Glory Road
A poetic take on the wide and narrow paths, and who will follow each of these.

Mary Had A Little Lamb
With this poem, I used elements of the nursery rhyme to tell the story of Jesus.

Weeds first in poetry contest
A poem about on the parable of the weeds.