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Poems by Mark Spencer

There Is A Place
Reflection is good for the soul. If you're humble, and know what your "righteousness" really amounts to, you know that you need salvation! The proud, the vain, the greedy, and the defiant are knocking on another door. A door they should pray never opens!

How Does God Choose A Hero
Does God have to "find" a hero to carry His message?

Babylon the Great
A rhyming look at Revelation 18!

The Children Of Light
Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, chapters 4 and 5.

The Line
A rhyming journey from moral ambiguity to moral licentiousness.

The Banquet
A speculative piece on how a sacrifice is chosen, and how it might be received by those who are righteously impaired.

If Jesus Was Just A Prophet
Do you question the divinity of Christ? I did in the beginning. And then I looked beneath the surface of the story, at the behavior of those who followed Him. These were my conclusions.

There is only one earthly thing of any spiritual value, and that is family. God created us. Jesus redeemed us. The Holy Spirit guided us, and family sustained us.

Final Judgment
For those who think that being "good" is enough to save you IF God turns out to be real. Ask yourself how you can receive a reward you've rejected all, or most of your life? It will be Your judgement and testimony that will convict you!