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Butterfly Angels

by Mark Spencer © 1998

When Angelique was very young,
A child of six or so,
She'd get up at the crack of dawn,
And out the door she'd go.

A day spent hunting butterflies,
Was favored most of all.
She'd chase them with her little net,
Until Mom's supper call.

And then one day, by luck or chance,
She caught within that net,
A strange, exotic butterfly,
To take home as a pet.

"Now just one moment Angelique!"
Exclaimed the butterfly.
"I've no time to be kept by you!"
The girl began to cry.

"Now hold on, turn that spigot off."
The butterfly replied.
"I belong to the Lord, you see;
Which cannot be denied."

"I'm more than what you think I am.
Your guardian, that's me.
I am a butterfly angel,
And I watch over thee."

"An angel kept inside a cage,
Can do no good from there.
He can't protect you when you sleep,
Or help God hear your prayer."

"You'll have no guardian until
My freedom is restored.
Trapped in this net I can't bestow
The blessings of the Lord."

And when she let the Angel go,
He kissed her on the cheek.
He said; "Now you have the answer
To everything you seek."

"Your life will be forever blessed,
With angels from the sky.
And every time that you're in need,
You'll see a butterfly."

And sure enough, as she grew up,
When life was distressing,
She'd see them flutter through the sky,
Bestowing their blessing.

And then, when she was very old,
And her departure neared;
That moment of her greatest need,
Her Angel reappeared.

He took her hand and lifted her,
She rose like a feather.
He said: "It's time for you and I
To fly off together."

For Angelique had won her wings,
And now, she too could fly.
She joined the other butterflies,
And fluttered through the sky.

On the day of her funeral,
Her loved ones gathered round.
It was her youngest granddaughter,
Who first noticed the sound.

She heard the songs of Cherubim,
Then saw with her own eyes;
The sky above Grandmother's grave
Was filled with butterflies.

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