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Who Is She

by Carol Connell © 2017

She glides through the village with perfect poise and grace,
a look of steady purpose, determination on her face.
Along the pathway she approaches the first passerby
who rudely cruises on his way with an irritated sigh.
The market place, the destination, where the lady arrives next
to a host of indolent youth that sit around and text.
She tries to catch their eye, begins to lift her voice
but they seemingly ignore her, definitely by choice.
Though what she has to offer, is better than silver and gold,
they won't hear her instruction. She's left out in the cold.
She's been around a long time, before earth's grand creation;
before so many traded her for pride, self -exaltation.
Yet, it is by her, that some kings and princes reign.
She gives to common men, a life that is not in vain.
All are truly blessed that choose to keep her ways
applying her sound counsel all their earthly days.
Fools that reject her will suffer eternal shame.
"Who is she?" you may ask. Wisdom is her name.

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