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Poems by Carol Connell

poem count: 71 | pages: 8 | second place: 2 times | finalist: 3 times
Calvary Gives All A Chance
While Jesus’s death on the cross does not automatically save people, it does offer everyone a chance to be saved, even those we might consider vile or unreachable. Saul of Tarsus is a perfect example.

Happy Hospitalidays
On December 24, 2021, my husband had a heart attack, which thankfully, he survived. I wrote this poem almost a year later in memory of that event. God was good to us in so many ways, and this little writing recounts His goodness and mercy.

The Next Good Thing
If we focus on the bad events taking place in our world, it’s very easy to get discouraged. No matter how bleak things may appear, God’s goodness can still be seen if we will expectantly look for it.

Goodbye And Hello
This poem contrasts the sorrows of this world with the joys of heaven for those that are ready to meet the Lord.

Christmas Loop
The Christmas story never grows old. Here is a version of it using a form called the loop.

Safe Snowflakes
I wrote this recently to go along with an object lesson taught in children’s church. When troubles come, we might feel like snowflakes blown about in a storm, but we can pray and trust God to help and guide us.

Changes Of Heart
This is an imaginary look into the heart of Mary, the mother of Jesus, from Bethlehem to Calvary to the day of Pentecost when God first poured out the Holy Ghost.

Darkness Versus Light
All the spiritual darkness in the world can never extinguish God’s holy light.

Demented Days
A pastor’s wife that I know has a husband that had early onset of dementia. It progressed to where he had to resign his church. I admire her commitment to God and her husband in this difficult trial.