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The Genesis Account

by Kevin Smead © 2019

Man in the image of God was made,
This doctrine is clearly proclaimed,
In the Genesis account, that truth giving fount
Of which Christians should not be ashamed.

Male and female God did create
Adam first, then Even from his bone,
And the whole human race, from this couple trace,
Their lineage �" my, how the tree’s grown.

Sin was committed, through their own will
The commandment they did violate,
Then just as he said, their spirit was dead,
And corrupted they were from that date.

Their sinful ways God did denounce,
But told them of the coming seed,
With Satan He’d fight, and He’d set it all right,
Though He would be wounded indeed.

The story here rehearsed, shines a great light
Much truth it clearly sets forth
It presents who we are, and this can go far,
Toward helping us see our true worth.

Our purpose also is clearly spelled out,
A meaningful life we can live,
We should flesh out our story while giving Him glory,
To Him our whole hearts we should give.

We also see here the problems on earth,
That still plague the whole human race,
It was all caused by sin, but if we’re born again,
We come back to God through His grace.

So if it's answers you seek for existence,
If it's equality for all you desire,
Not far should you look, it’s right here in the book,
All the things for which men aspire.

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