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The Navigator

by Mark Spencer © 1994

There comes a time in every life
When our toils become too great.
And hopeful dreams are swept away
Upon errant twists of fate.

'Twas such a time in my own life,
When the currents ceased to flow.
Obstructed by uncertainty,
And a fearsome, unseen foe.

Despair then stalked the ocean deep,
In its quest for hapless prey.
It hungered for a faithless soul,
A defenseless castaway.

I would have crumbled 'neath its might,
A lamb led to the slaughter,
Had my Savior not come to me,
Walking upon the water.

He said: "oh ye of little faith,
You have only to believe.
For I will fortify your ship,
When the sea begins to heave."

"And I will help you navigate,
If you'll trust me at the helm.
The destination I will chart
Is a most amazing realm."

I put my life into His hands,
And I felt my world transform.
The sun peeked through the clouds above,
As my ship sailed through the storm.

Despair has ceased to stalk the night,
When I'm faced with the unknown.
A sailor guided by our Lord,
Never sails the seas alone.

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