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Nothing New

by Rob Dods © 2019

There's nothing new under the sun
Wars are fought but never won
Tyrants rise and rule and fall
We chase the wind and wait death's call

But while we breathe we feud for power
Which cannot help but warp and sour
We forfeit loved ones to gain wealth
Which cannot purchase peace or health

Hollow pleasures numb our pain
Makeshift umbrellas for grief, the rain
But thrills don't leave us satisfied
Our troubled souls aren't pacified

There's a time for everything
A time to cry, a time to sing
A time to die and to be born
A time to laugh, a time to mourn

Time can’t be slowed, it soldiers on
Endless twilights, nights, and dawns
Until the sun and moon go dark
In tired eyes and waning hearts

And when we pass, memory of us dims
Few are evoked in poems or hymns
Left to the living, our ghost and spoils
The fruit of heavy sweat and toils

Yet once we're gone, the earth still spins
The seasons change and change again
The sun still rises, hangs, and sets
All this is vain, it's meaningless

So take joy now while in your youth
Enjoy your strength and search for truth
In Him you'll find some muted bliss
Like friendship, love, a baby's kiss

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