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Come All

by Rob Dods © 2019

Come all you skeptics with your doubts
Come all with poor repute
Come all whose hearts are parched in drought
And those with wounds acute

Come all you flawed and broken souls
Come all with lust untamed
Come all whose spirit sin controls
And those with hidden shame

Come all you stranded and alone
Come all with will ensnared
Come all who're hated and disowned
And those with deep despair

Come all you weary and depressed
Come all with tongue enslaved
Come all who're haunted by regrets
And those with thoughts depraved

Come all you bitter and irate
Come all with guilt severe
Come all who're captive to their hate
And those with crippling fear

Come in your weak and dirty state
Come in your unbelief
Come in, my grace is truly great
Just come, and follow me

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