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A Dog From Gallilee

by Mark Spencer © 2023

In Gallilee, a dog once dwelled,
A homeless stray, greatly compelled.
With coat of bronze, and eyes so bright,
She saw a world, beyond mere sight.

While others passed, their gaze askew,
This dog beheld a striking view.
A man unlike those she had known,
With Him she'd never feel alone.

So through the crowds, she followed Him,
Sensing His light would never dim.
She followed One, so full of grace,
And in His wake she found her place.

Her canine heart, with passion swelled,
Amazed by what the journey held.
She followed Him, with boundless glee,
Over the land, and inland sea.

The dog would venture far and wide,
Pursuing Him with every stride.
Her paws upon the hallowed ground,
The path they walked grew more profound.

With wagging tail, her spirit soared,
As from His hands the wonders poured.
This humble dog, with senses keen,
Perceived a truth that went unseen.

For many failed to understand,
And would not take Him by the hand.
With word and deed so lyrical,
They overlooked His miracles.

But this stray dog from Gallilee,
Could see the Lord's divinity.
With love she never left His side,
She passed when He was crucified.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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