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The Sunrise Of Eternity

by Mark Spencer © 2023

The sunrise of eternity
Heard four words ring with might.
The Lord, with His transcendent voice,
Proclaimed: "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"

And it danced upon the waters of
A formless virgin earth,
As it rose from the depths the way
A child arrives at birth!

And the light that God provided
Would witness this display,
The first morning and first evening,
Of time's opening day.

And when the sunrise came again,
Its light would glorify
The parting of the firmaments,
And forming of the sky!

And then upon the third day's dawn,
God formed the land and seas!
The third sunrise saw Him prepare,
Seed bearing plants and trees!

The fourth day saw the moon and stars
Hung in the sky above.
To give the night a sum of light,
He formed it all with love.

At sunrise five it came alive
Through the sky, sea, and land!
And the Lord saw that it was good,
This world made by His hand!

But God would put it to the test,
Could it survive His plan?
That sunrise saw destruction's seed
Sown by the birth of man!

This poem was a finalist in the August 2023 poetry contest

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