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Wide-eyed beings of infinite worth

by Rob Dods © 2019

Wide-eyed beings of infinite worth
Abused for transient thrill
Only recently birthed here on earth
Now abandoned to perverted will

Diminutive hands meant for play
Clutch bricks in the sweltering heat
Weary faces all powdered with clay
Peer down at their blistering feet

So ravaged are bodies and hopes
Devoured by evil for sport
All restrained by menace or chains
Futures by trespass cut short

Suffering won't reign without end
The corruption of power will cease
He'll come to judge and to mend
Oppression will give way to peace

'Till then it's our cross to bear
Injustice and wrongdoing to fight
His Kingdom by action bring down
To love and to brighten the night

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