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Poems by Karen Stringfield

poem count: 15 | pages: 2
Thirst for His Touch
Time has been a big factor in my walk with Jesus. Life can get in my way at times and I have to remember what is really important.

The Holyland
For years I have wanted to visit the Holyland. I thought it would be magnificent to be able to put my feet in the very dirt where my savior walked. But as I was writing this poem, I realized I walk with Him every day. No need to go there.

The Way, the Truth and the Life
Nature always has God's fingerprints in the midst of it, which makes me commune with HIm and remember that He is always there whether I am aware of His presence or not.

Amazing Acceptance
When life throws you for a loop and you find yourself swirling in the depths, God is the only one that gives you grace and mercy. Accepting this truth is sometimes hard for a new believer, but it is essential.

Spread the Word
Life gives us opportunities to tell others of Jesus and his sacrifice for us.

As we are busy in every day life, it's easy to forget that the Holy Spirit is with you every moment of every day.

Jesus, the Stairway to Heaven
A few days before my mom passed on, she kept seeing people that had passed on. I believe that is God's way of easing your fears of death.

The Man from Galilee
A short synopsis of Jesus life

Leaning on your Savior
When family or a friend really hurts your feelings, sometimes you need a reminder to pray. Jesus has been where you are.