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Spread the Word

by Karen Stringfield

Our world seems to be in
more turmoil every day.
We're closer to the end of the
book of Revelations to our dismay.
Culture is dictating that
any sexual sin is okay,
That's not what the Bible says,
so be careful not to stray.

Our Lord and Savior could
come at any time.
Leaving our loved ones behind
would be such a crime.
God loved us so much
that He sent his only son.
Giving up our child is something
we would never have done.

Have you told your friends and
family about the love of Christ?
How he took all our sin upon his body
on that wretched cross as a sacrifice?
How He paid our debt
and now we are whole?
The slate has been cleared
for our eternal soul.

Just believe in the Son Of God
and accept this gift of grace that is free.
And when the roll is called on high,
you won't be one of the absentees.
God loves us no matter what we've done,
Accepting Him means eternal life is won.

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