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Restless in the Willows

by Dave Mudford © 2024

Restless in the willows
flowing water serenades,
even as life billows
daunted by my escapades.

Beauty surrounding sorrow
as I fail to understand,
hope always in the morrow
a confused and distant land.

Shadows disrupt the sunrise
my soul heavy with regret,
longing for dreams to arise
hurt; His grace I soon forget…

Somewhere deep within the broken
I begin to learn the Father's heart,
healed; I leave behind the token
to fully embrace a brand-new start.

Light enhances my perceptions
as I surrender to His plans,
discerning deeper reflections
I'm held secure in nailed pierced hands.

Now resting within the willows
with my Brother who took my shame,
from death's ugly misery He rose,
so that real hope is mine to claim!

This poem was a finalist in the February 2024 poetry contest

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