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by Dave Mudford © 2021

There is a shadow cast, by pain left unattended,
Causing light to be disguised, concealed from our sight,
Healing overlooked, as grace is not comprehended,
Grappling with the symptoms, while brushing aside the cause.

There is a shadow cast, by our pursuit of prosperity,
Causing light to be diffused, causing vision to be clouded,
Love overlooked, as pride cripple's intimacy's clarity,
Disillusioned by our outcomes, while seeking so much more.

There is a shadow cast, by unforgiveness that blinds sight,
Causing light to be hidden, because we are living far from truth,
Connection overlooked, as we lonely prove we're right,
Searching for rays of hope, in the bleakness of our boast.

There was a shadow cast, by a tree on Calvary's hill,
Causing light to be displayed, into the darkness of our days,
Sin overlooked, as He died in my place, His love fulfill,
Bringing healing to my shadows, now living in His light.

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