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Winter's Chill

by Lorin Elias © 2020

The leaves are falling, slow at first,
landing gently on the earth.
We look at this in great surprise,
as summer ends before our eyes.

The smell of fall is in the air,
to lull to sleep we do not dare.
As we know well the seasons change,
we shouldn't think it to be strange.

Yet every year we find it so,
that seasons come and seasons go.
This present warmth will not prevail
so harvest now or you will fail.

So let us not be unprepared,
or for the winter to be scared.
The harvest time is now upon us,
you can't deny and still be honest.

That as the fall will disappear,
and winters bite is coming near,
Likewise our days will soon be past;
we can be sure our life won't last.

Now as we feel the winter's chill,
will we seek the Father's will?
Or do we turn our eyes away,
and leave it for another day?

Will you be caught in sad surprise,
as death's dark veil comes o'er your eyes?
Or will you meet the Father's son,
who says to you "My Child, Well done!"

So if you wish your Lord to see,
then heed his call, "Come unto me."
For His promises are ever true,
and Jesus Christ; He died for you!

This poem won second place for the April 2021 poetry contest

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