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Now I see

by Dave Mudford © 2024

blindness creating shadows
deathly darkness creeping in,
remorse for distant meadows
people searching for my sin.

Sight; I have never known
I am truly cursed - they say
living my life in the unknown
hope lost in what I can't survey.

no one sees the pain I hold
eyes closed by the pride they covet,
love and care they do withhold
with harsh words, my hope they buffet.

mud smeared on my vacant eyes
my heart indifferent to my plight,
deafened by their hurt filled lies
I stumble still with no delight.

making my journey to the pool
I'm pushed and shoved along the way,
I wonder why life has been so cruel
yet I obey without delay…

washing the grit from my eyes
the true light comes flooding in,
sight embraced with such surprise
now forgotten is my sin.

leaders now dispute my sight
grilling my parents and me,
they are desperate for a fight
they cannot see, that I am free.

I did not know this man so kind
and why He healed me like He did;
all I know, I once was blind
but now I see! because He bid.

now I know Jesus was the man
healing my sight and so much more,
loving me since the world began
I worship Him like none before.

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