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Perspective; Golden

by Dave Mudford © 2020

Golden sunsets; reaching just beyond my vision,
My attitude is chosen by my decision,
Seeing gloom in the midst of my horizon,
Eyes downcast, I start in my compromisin'.

Golden calves; cultivated by my selfish pride,
Refusing to let Jesus, be my faithful guide,
Making idols out of the effort of my strength,
Worthless trophies, are collected at great expense.

Golden handshakes; that say you are past the best,
Left behind by a world, that we now detest,
Learning that your value, has now been left on the shelf,
Told you need to change; I can no longer be myself.

Golden memories; that are treasured in my heart,
Stories enhanced in my remembrance; not real smart,
Making present outcomes, shaded by my past,
Clouding blessing now, before I've even asked.

Golden moments; never seem to last,
Need to remain faithful and steadfast,
Even if trials are difficult and relentless,
Abundant life is promised, living in repentance.

Golden oldies; an example for my life,
Surviving through battles and a lot of strife,
Not an easy voyage, yet they sailed on,
Loving their Saviour, who they depend upon.

Golden riches; not discovered in our wealth,
Nor is Its beauty located by our health,
But it is when living in the presence of my Saviour,
That true prosperity is uncovered in His favor.

Golden streets; is now clearly in my future,
Guaranteed by grace, nothing else is cooler,
Walking in freedom, hope certain now that I am chosen,
Sunsets ahead of me; I can always see as golden!

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