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Glimpses of My Father

by Jennifer Kirkendall © 2023

I saw a glimpse of God today,
He was there in the sunrise.
His light was there to greet me,
As soon as I opened my eyes.

Then I saw His reflection,
In my granddaughter's little face.
And as I held her in my arms,
I could feel His loving embrace.

He went with me everywhere.
As I went about my day.
And I saw glimpses of my Father,
All along my way.

He was there in my garden,
Amid the beauty surrounding me.
His fingerprints are on everything,
On the flowers and the trees.

He's here in the summer,
When the sun shines so bright.
And He's there in the breeze,
On a cold winter's night.

He's there in a smile,
Or in a kind word,
He's there in the roses,
Or the song of a bird.

He's there in my dreams,
As I close my eyes to sleep.
He always watches over me,
I'm always in His keep.

He's there if you look for Him,
He's not hard to find.
And if you say that you can't see Him,
Then you are choosing to be blind.

So, if you really want to see Him,
You won't have to search for long.
Just look around everywhere,
He's been there all along.

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