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The Voice

by Sybil Fulk

Abused and afraid as a child
I faced life with barely a crawl
Finding my way in a darkness
I would have gladly give up on it all.
Terrifying nights thrust upon me
I barely remember the days
Neglected and bruised , I surrendered
And it broke me in so many ways.
A child withdrawn and in silence
I walked with my head hanging low
The fear that I lived in was mounting
And the anger was starting to show.
I struggled through life in a blindness
Wondering just why I was here
My broken heart had since hardened
So I missed our Lords voice in my ear.
Years just flew by with no feeling
With no crying, no laughter, no joy
All dreams of a brighter tomorrow
Had long been devoured and destroyed.
Then one night I heard angels singing
I imagined like heaven would be
I entered but quickly decided
That devotion would not be for me.
The following weeks were a battle
Between what I knew and could understand
Little did I know that the Lord, my God
Was already holding my hand.
That evening arose like a mountain
Like a geyser from the desert it came
Awaiting the masters direction
While God was gently calling my name.
That is the night I met Jesus
My savior, my anchor, my Lord
I believed, and the fear and the anger
Out of my hardened heart, they poured.
God filled my heart in an instant
With a joy like I'd never known
Although my life is not perfect
I'm no longer walking alone.
I suddenly noticed the snowflakes
And how no two are ever the same
That the nest of each bird is a masterpiece
Given knowledge by God, from which they came.
I no longer dream of revenge or hate
But have a deep love and appreciation
For sunsets, for music, and beautiful smiles
And for all of Gods perfect creations.
I pray every night for those still torn
That they may too hear his voice
And open their hearts to their master
There's no better moment, or choice.

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