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Poems by Sybil Fulk

poem count: 13 | pages: 2 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 6 times
Spirit Sister
This is a poem that I wrote to celebrate the relationship between me and my lifelong girlfriend that I have known for over fifty years.

My Child, My Heart
My children mean everything to me, and I know that I am blessed to be their mother. I want to leave them with love, my writings, and my faith. I pray for them every night; for protection, and for God to bless them in every way.

The Country Church first in poetry contest
My paternal grandparents were strong Christians and lived in West Virginia. They went to a little country church in a single wide trailer, and the services were always beautiful. This poem is a result of my experiences there.

Angel Butterfly
At the loss of a very sweet lady and good friend, I was inspired to write this little poem in honor of her. I knew, with no doubt, that she was in the arms of God.

If I Had Known
When I wrote this, I was pondering years passed, and that if I had known the depth of Gods love for me, things would have been different.

Window of Time
I spent many years raising my two children and being a wife. I enjoyed that time in my life, but due to past issues as a child, there were still days I felt depressed. It was during one of those days, that I chose to write this poem.

The Carpenter finalist in poetry contest
This was written at a time that I was having a hard time seeing myself, as a Christian, the way I know God sees me. I loved the way this one turned out.

The Lighthouse finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this poem after realizing that I have often missed God's messages to me. It is so easy to get caught up in life, and miss what is most important. This poem, I believe, reflects that.

Teach Me To Fly finalist in poetry contest
It is a poem that helped to teach me to fly, with God's help, when things in life would get very difficult for me.