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His Precious Living Gems

by Dave Mudford © 2023

gazing in the mirror
no beauty does she see,
nothing to endear her
she's longing to be free.

she lives on expectations
where her value is unknown,
hounded by limitations
her conclusions made alone.

blinded by impressions
created by herself,
causing her depressions
regretting life itself.

listening to all the lies
she is dying from within,
wounds hidden behind her eyes
value; deeper than her skin…

he sees his daughter struggling
his heart broken and afraid,
now what he finds so troubling
is the part that he has played

for all he sees is beauty
a daughter who is so precious,
feels he has failed his duty
of showing the grace of Jesus.

time lost to his pursuit
attention been misplaced,
everything a dispute
their love was not embraced…

the Father sees their hurting
He knows their deepest fears,
from lies they need diverting
so, His love can dry their tears.

He created all their value
In Him alone, they will find their worth
no worldly thing can devalue,
for He's cherished them before their birth.

God's love is everlasting
He is longing to connect them,
their stories He's recasting
for they're His precious living gems.

Psalm 139 - You are a child of God,
you are wonderfully made,
dearly loved, and precious in His sight.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2023 poetry contest

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