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Christmas Or Mas Cristo

by Humberto Resto © 2023

1- On Christmas Day I looked outside and did not see a sleigh, I saw a snowman with branched arms extended, as if saying, have you lost your way?

2- The years have passed a decade gone, ten more will come our way, YET man continues to phase out Jesus, and children rarely pray!

3- Let's take a stand stretch Holy hands, and speak to those forgotten, ASK God to change our hearts and minds, For we were born spoiled not rotten!

4- God sent His only son with open arms, He asks please live my way, BUT man just laughs consumed by needs cheering, can't wait for Black Friday!

5- A tiny window candle glows, as stormy snow winds blow, SOME homes and hearts the world has chilled, and warmth just does not flow!

6- Nativity scenes slowly disappear, of a babe in a manger, BUT to us He's our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior and not just a stranger!

7- To some He will always remain a babe in a manger, BUT we all know He'll judge the world, yet in love delivers us from danger!

8- He's all grown up and out of the manger, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, WITH faith those family members can be saved, regardless of what was once their behavior!

9- Mas Cristo in Christmas is what we pray to heal our world in need, ACCEPT God's gift today be transformed, and from your sins you will be freed!

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