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Poems by Humberto Resto

poem count: 6 | pages: 1
Todays Specials For My Day
Experiencing the Grace and love of God while breaking bread is a blessing that should always be shared.

Our Lord Father God in Heaven gently places His mighty hand on our chin and moves our head up so that He can share that we are not alone ! Rejoice and see the sights through God’s eyes ! Miracles !

Let’s open the eyes and ears of those around us by sharing God’s precious word and Jesus our Lord and Savior! All in agape love and it starts with us sharing our lives and concerns with God and inviting Him to share with us and listening to Him !

In Training Me
Continue praying for those around us ! Start praying today and transform lives ! Pray for a subway stranger, because there is power in our Lord and Savior Jesús Christ and He continues to save lives today and it all started in a manger !

Today’s Specials
It is a blessing when we are together rejoicing and loving our wonderful merciful loving Father God in Heaven. He is interested in all the details of our lives and that is why today is special. It’s special because we our loved ones can accept Jesus.

Christmas Or Mas Cristo
Poem about how in some places an attempt to discreetly phase out Jesus / Cristo continues to occur but prayer and faith can change the world and our loved ones ! We need Mas Cristo/ More Christ at Christmas.