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The Holyland

by Karen Stringfield

I always thought it would be so wonderful to go to the Holyland
To sift the silky sand through my fingers would be so grand.

Stepping in the dirt trail where my Savior walked,
I can almost hear his soothing voice as he and his disciples talked.

The Holy Spirit reminds me that He walks with me every day
He hears everything I think and what I say.
Oh my!

He reminds me that He sees everything that I see
He is the Great I am, He is Holy and I have to agree.
Oh my!

He never turns his back but forgives every misstep
There is no denial of sin or sidestep.
Oh my!

Then the Holy Spirit reminds me
He took all my sins on that dreadful tree.
Oh my!

So I need to do my best to live for Him
And be obedient to His will and not sin.

The Holyland is still a special and wonderful place
But I have a holyland wherever I am only by His saving grace.

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