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In Training Me

by Humberto Resto © 2023

1- The subway train pulled into the station destination Pelham Bay, EXPRESS uptown, non stop, oh yes the conductor confirmed all the way.

2- The subway cars all dressed in chrome, ARRIVED to take our sister home.

3- She climbed aboard and found a seat, THE air inside smelled not so sweet.

4- The bell did ring the doors did close, AND there's another gentleman who caught his briefcase and almost his nose.

5- It was the end of another work day, OUR sister held onto her purse and began to pray.

6- In the garden of Gethsemane, MY sweet dear Lord Jesus, You thought of me.

7- You knew that my future surroundings would not be bright, LIVING in a world where attempts would be made, to push your existence and your gift and promises out of sight.

8- You were born a babe our Savior in a manger, SENT by Father God, to deliver us from sin, those who take pride being Bible scripture diluters and red letter word re-arrangers.

9- God looked at you Jesus and said "your blood will erase her past and deliver her from danger", AND you said yes I will do it even though you knew that many throughout decades would reject you and treat you like a stranger.

10- I sit here my Jesus grateful that for my sins you paid such a precious price, WHILE many interpret your scriptures and say that the wording is antiquated and not nice.

11- They'd all fall face down uncontrollably weeping, IF they realized that in Gethsemane you prayed three times while your disciples kept sleeping.

12- Today some find your name Jesus Christ so unappealing,
BUT my heart truly rejoices for your forgiveness love miracles and healing.

13- We're riding through the tunnels some spiritually asleep, BUT the angels rejoice praise and cheer when into your arms run one of these lost sheep.

14- A sinner repents and follows your way, STUDIES Psalm 23 and learns how to pray.

15- While your precious oil flows peacefully down over me from your throne, YOUR carpenter hands continually in agape love mold my heart, Which is now your home.

16 - You are the only way, paid the ultimate price I thank you my grown up Savior Jesus Christ, FOR my salvation and your eternal glorious gift of a joyous afterlife.

17- The express train did glide past all the local stops gently swaying like a cradle, WHILE our sister humbly prayed for all around her asking God help them now if they are willing and able.

18- Through the subway tunnels both dark and bright, THE subway tunnel lights zooming by like a space ship zipping past the stars towards dawns first light.

19- When all at once before exiting the subway tunnel the train went motionless, AND all aboard looked at their wrist watches and felt oh so powerless.

20- No longer express to Pelham Bay, AS the conductor announced sorry for the inconvenience this train is now making local stops, Yes all the way !

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