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Todays Specials For My Day

by Humberto Resto © 2023

1- Today I broke bread with my Christian brother, A transparent man of God, raised by an amazing Christian mother.

2- He also shared that God's grace will cover me like no other, AND to experience God's love in the Bible from cover to cover.

3- I asked the waiter for a tissue, HE responded "but of course" and kindly added that God can transform us no matter the issue.

4- My brother in Christ said that God adopts us into His amazing family that's more than just nice, IT'S a gift, the agape love of our Father and His Son's ultímate sacrifice.

5- Today I broke bread with my brother, AND accepted that God's love and grace is like no other.

6- I'm teary eyed and can't remember the types of cheesecakes or house specials for the day, BECAUSE, I'm overjoyed, grateful to God for asking a transparent brother in Christ to gently remind me that God is my only way.

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