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Colors of Life

by Dave Mudford © 2024

distorted portrait, front of mind
distracting truth with my hidden lies,
life's real meaning, I cannot find
lost in the shadows of my disguise.

colors of life smudged into grey -
the rough brush of my reflections,
whispering doubts, bruising my day -
the cruel touch of my rejections.

choking on expectation's curse
breathing in the dust of my remorse,
hope into fear I do immerse
wishing my life had a different courseā€¦

then into the mire, His grace came
creating a vision of pure delight,
whispering love, healing my shame
removing shadows with glorious light.

colors of life are coming alive -
the loving brush of His favor,
hope front of mind, beginning to thrive -
His faithful touch, mine to savor.

restored portrait, designed by His hand
enhancing truth through who He is,
life's real meaning, I now understand
Christ's sacrifice, making me His.

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