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Free Will

by Debra Brent © 2023

Some people live in fear,
Behaviors based upon the past;
Then on the flip side thrive by faith,
They are not swayed by this or that.

You see God gifted us free will,
Yet still its meaning's misconstrued;
Cause in the here and now free will,
Is why the world has come unglued.

Through likes of selfishness and pride,
It seems we've all but sealed our fate;
Watch as society implodes,
Due to imbibing Satan's bait.

The fact is sin lies all around,
And it's temptation draws us in;
Though our choice from that point on,
Is where free will should be the win.

But gratifying of ourselves,
Lies at the crux in this crossroad;
A turning point of which Is found,
The place one's soul starts to errode.

Cause when this earth is where we strive,
To gain acceptance, peace and love;
Is what will tear our hearts to shreds,
Leave nothing left for God above.

Lives slowly spin out of control,
When we believe we hold the reins;
Then choose time over time again,
To search out power, pleasure, fame.

Ego's inflate, though ironically,
Are in the grand scheme but a spec;
A tiny particle of millions,
Built each by God to resurrect.

Through every breath exhaled a chance,
For us to glorify His name;
Lend Him a hand to seed and sow,
Heal of a world so filled with shame.

Opt out of sin, like gluttony,
Instead find purpose in the pain;
Allocate our Godly trust,
Into what holds no selfish gain.

Journey through life as Jesus did,
Without a shadow of a doubt;
Twas of this faith He held so dear,
Which saw His mission carried out.

For if we let go and let God,
We'll find our every need is met;
Still we remain blinded by lust,
Of hoarding sin, hate and objects.

It took me almost 50 years,
Existing in this state of strife;
To grasp the outcome of free will,
Can both destroy and save your life.

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