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Poems by Debra Brent

poem count: 30 | pages: 4 | first place: 1 time | second place: 2 times | finalist: 12 times
A Grieving Heart finalist in poetry contest
The impact God has the power to make on a grieving heart.

Last Call finalist in poetry contest
The fear we all dread about receiving that “last call”, signifying a loved one has passed away.

Until We Meet Again
As I continue to grieve the death of my mom, I wrote this poem as a reminder of what will help us heal our heart until we meet again.

The Weight Your Faith’s Worth finalist in poetry contest
It’s easy to get pulled under by the weight of struggle, pain, sadness, grief, and fear in the world nowadays.. Yet nothing has the power to drown us, if we remember the weight our Faith’s worth.

Goodbye For Now finalist in poetry contest
My mama passed away on 07.25.23. During our last conversation she didn’t say “goodbye”, but instead kept telling me “goodbye for now”. It brings comfort to know she felt the same as I - her death would only be the end of a chapter, not of our f

You Never Know finalist in poetry contest
Don’t second guess what you do or share, because you never know the plans God has for your story.

Free Will
A poem about how free will holds the power to both destroy and save a life.

An Unexpected Gift finalist in poetry contest
You never know what lifelong treasures God has in store for you at Christmas...

Healing: It's a Heart Thing
Your external world will never change until you heal your internal world first. Healing is hard. Healing is feeling. Healing is a heart thing.