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Poems by Debra Brent

poem count: 23 | pages: 3 | first place: 1 time | second place: 2 times | finalist: 9 times
An Unexpected Gift finalist in poetry contest
You never know what lifelong treasures God has in store for you at Christmas...

Healing: It's a Heart Thing
Your external world will never change until you heal your internal world first. Healing is hard. Healing is feeling. Healing is a heart thing.

Poetic Testimonial
This poem is based off of my own written testimonial. "For the one who shares in the light of day need not be fearful of the dark." ~ D.B.

Let's Heal
The struggle is real, yet if we open our hearts, our minds and listen, through God's love we can too heal.

Hope and a Future
I was given a bible the day after being baptized with Jeremiah 29:11 inscribed inside by the gifter. It's a verse I visit often as a reminder during the healing process that there was, is and always will be found a purpose in the pain.

This poem was written about my friend Rachel who passed away from Stage 4 Colon Cancer three years ago. It is a reminder that though our loved ones may be gone, they never truly leave us.

The Gift
I was told by a close friend a few years back to always write from the heart. I notice when I do this, it's as if the words flow directly from God to my pen & paper. This, I've found, has been one of His greatest gifts to me in being able to help others.

Music has always been a go to for me in times of need. NF is one of those artists who has gotten me through many difficult times. I wrote this poem with 31 of his song titles incorporated within it (song titles are in all caps).

Mirror, Mirror
True beauty lies not in the eye of the beholder, but in that of our Creator.