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In Honor of Poetry

by Clinton Herring © 2022

Once in time I stitched a rhyme.
The verses sure so they'd endure.
I added meter to make it sweeter,
when in time, I stitched my rhyme.

It spoke of days and long-lost ways
and crimson shores beyond these doors,
of autumn fun and setting sun,
of crystal springs and other things.

It rode a train in the country rain,
flew a plane to far off Maine,
sailed a ship on an ocean trip,
ran a race in a strange new place.

It saw new lands with people and clans,
told a story to a faraway boy,
cause a girl to dance with a twirl,
filled a hole in an empty soul.

It stirred the mind to be more kind,
gave new life in a place of strife,
caused the heart to think of art,
and blended hope that others might cope.

Once you hear, it may bring a tear,
or caused a laugh with a chuckle and a half.
It bent the ear to hear a tear,
and sought God's love high up above.

My words, they came, in rhyme the same.
Some were grand to make a stand.
Some were loud to make us proud.
Others were clever and ring forever.

One was silly to rhyme with Billy.
Some were bold as precious gold.
Some rang true with a hint and clue.
Others were scary, while some were merry.

With word of honey, though some were funny,
it sent a care to a grumpy bear,
walked a sleuth on a trail for truth,
and stirred a fire of another's desire.

It caused a song to right some wrong.
It turned a frown into a clown,
and brighten days with Christmas plays,
this rhyme I wrote for a winter's coat.

Its verses bold as life foretold,
with words that glisten, hoping others would listen.
It sent a kiss to a heart for bliss,
and spoke of peace where strife would cease.

So in mind's eye it ends a sigh,
built a thought as truth it taught
and joy it gave to all that crave,
this rhyme of hope, my interlope.

I stitched it well that it would dwell
in inner soul and not some hole,
to bring out light and cast out night,
to bring great joy for heart's to employ.

Now my rhyme is caught in time.
It's bright with spirit for all to hear it.
It brings a smile to walk a mile
This, my rhyme, now stitched in time.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.