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Poems by Clinton Herring

poem count: 74 | pages: 9 | first place: 1 time | second place: 3 times | finalist: 37 times
God's Love
Jesus work of love for me and for all

The Stain of Sin
Sin is a stain. We can't balance it with a right for a wrong. A stain must be washed out.

I Know a Place
God's mercy reigns and rains on us.

Freed From Fear
With dangers all around, we don't need to fret, God has our back,

Just Trust finalist in poetry contest
Though we have struggles in this life, we need to just trust Jesus

Find Him
Where Jesus is found.

Death Comes finalist in poetry contest
We all will face death of the flesh. Are we prepared?

Insights from truths in God's word.

Morsels of Your Word
How bits of God's word are fitted together over time in the inner man to form a tree of truth.