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Shadow Faith

by Dave Mudford © 2024

Shadow faith;
chosen when suitable
left on just a whim,
blamed when I am broken
lost, when blessings are slim.

Shadow ministry;
dressed in pretty clothing
designed for my need
with focus on myself,
not going where You lead.

Shadow poetry;
written just for show
not for the hearts of men,
empty of real meaning
searching for my amen.

Shadow Lord;
obeyed in the easy
praised in hollow tones,
chosen for my comfort
forgotten through my groans.

Shadow love;
centred on my feelings
left when things are hard,
used so I can gain
unstretched in the scarred…

Real faith;
with me through the shadows
discovered in His light,
trusting in His goodness
relying on God's might!

Note: "Shadow" at the start of each stanza is referring to what is counterfeit and not authentic. Sometimes we do not even comprehend that what we are doing is but a shadow of what we are meant to do.

Prayer: Lord may you help me examine my motives and humbly seek Your help in changing my heart to one with honesty, humility. and a willingness to be stretched in love even through the hard.

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