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Weary Travellers

by Dave Mudford © 2023

Weary travellers with aching bones
foreigners within their broken homes,
aimless warriors fighting an unknown war
defeated and bruised with hope left at the door.

Burden of failure, weighs heavy on soul
disconnection from God taking its toll,
missing the story of grace in all the noise
silencing the message that shame now destroys.

Needing a true voice that speaks to their heart
sharing our life fully not just in part,
declaring Jesus love through kindness and care
carrying their burdens by what we do share.

Travelling right along-side them, living the way
good news proclaimed not just in the words that we say,
introducing them to, the lover of their soul
surrendering our wants, not neglecting our role.

Tears of our grief, compelling to love even more
delighted for the privilege, not just a chore
the cares of the brokenhearted now not unknown
weary travellers never left walking aloneā€¦

Jesus loves them, do they know?
for the bible tells us so
we should show them they belong
we're all weak but He is strong!

Yes, Jesus loves them
Yes, Jesus loves them
Yes, Jesus loves them
the question remains, do I?

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