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Creation’s Dance

by Dave Mudford © 2023

The birds chirping their melodies
amongst the rugged bush;
kangaroos bounding on their way
majestic in their rush.

Wattle trees blooming with glee
in the warm morning sun;
sweet fragrance of nature's best
delight has just begun.

River red gums reaching for the sky
framing the beauty of the day;
quiet muddy waters ebb and flow
now determined to find their way.

Koala's hugging fastly, way up high
away from all of danger's snare;
scarlet colours of bush flowers, highlight
serenity without compare.

Waterfalls cascading down springing free
the rhythm of refreshing life;
platypus diving through the living water
oblivious to turmoils strife.

Creation's dance before my eyes
reminding me of God's hands;
hands that were nailed to a cross of wood
meeting all of love's demands.

Let me join in with nature's praise
exalting Thee within my heart;
creating within a brand-new song
my soul for Him, now set apart.

Note: This poem was written on a holiday spent in Australia's native landscape.

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