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The Sacred Romance

by Dave Mudford © 2023

Romantic words engulfed by the mundane
quiet voice of doubt consuming the champagne,
love lost somewhere in the rush to maintain
wandering confused in their own domain's.

Piles of dishes now swamping all affection
indifference's shadow removing connection,
"busy living" used for their protection
too scared to search for their true reflections.

Harsh words issued without regard to thought
feelings reigning, is what they have been taught,
dreams fulfillment is only what is sought
disappointments weight leaving them distraught.

Commitment only to the "high" of love
flying away as quickly as the dove,
pride giving surrender a mighty shove
handling conflicts dilemma with kid gloves….

Time for us to get back to God's vision
as selfishness will cause our division,
just trying harder has us on a collision
wounding us away from His gracious provision.

Love is a decision we must make every day
submitting hearts; allowing for God to have His say,
joining the sacred romance in our work and play
Our marriage a picture of His grace on display.

Facing the trials together in His power
connecting deeply no matter what the hour,
within the Father's love the romance will not sour
blessing the other even when there is no flowers.

Note: Men this poem should not be taken to mean there is no importance in romancing your wife and showing her how beautiful and valuable you think she is. Rather it is stating that there is a deeper more sacred romance that should always be embraced in a marriage. One that connects the husband and wife to their loving God, providing them with the strength and grace needed to navigate through the hard & good times in their relationship.

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