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The Inquisitive Bee

by Mark Spencer © 2012

Within a garden on the earth,
Was born a baby bee,
Life's obstacles soon filled his heart
With curiosity.

His questions were unpopular,
He asked why he's alive.
He'd made a nuisance of himself,
The black sheep of the hive.

A hornet once attacked the hive,
One early Autumn day,
The young bee watched the workers fight,
And hold the beast at bay.

The hornet was so powerful,
And many workers died!
While they were fighting for their lives,
All he could do was hide.

The loss of life was staggering,
They paid an awful price,
But they never hesitated
To make this sacrifice.

The inquisitive bee was stunned,
Tears falling from his eyes.
Why would they fight if just one sting
Could cause each bee to die?

He began a search for answers,
To explain what he'd seen.
He would question each survivor,
And interview the queen.

What kind of cause does fighting serve,
If lives are always lost?
Was all the carnage justified?
Was triumph worth the cost?

When the queen gave him her answer,
He didn't understand.
She said: "More lives would have ended,
If no one took a stand."

"For every bee within the hive
Would feel the hornet's bite,
Had those who made this sacrifice
Been too afraid to fight."

And so, the inquisitive bee
Decided to depart.
If this is what the hive believed,
Then he would have no part.

"I'd rather keep my stinger thanks,"
Was his fervent reply.
"If we don't provoke the hornets,
Then no one has to die."

So he packed a cake of honey,
And quickly left the hive.
The queen's combative attitude,
Meant he might not survive.

So he set out alone that day,
In search of some place nice.
But his every destination,
Was far from paradise.

A swarm of wasps chased after him,
Hornets attacked him twice,
A bullfrog slapped him with its tongue,
And he was chased by mice.

That's when the inquisitive bee
Decided to return.
He'd go back to his queen and hive,
And tell them what he learned.

But he heard the sound of chaos,
As he approached the hive.
He wondered if the queen was safe,
Were any still alive?

Assaulted by a dragonfly,
The bees were trapped inside.
He saw, as he approached the hive,
That some already died.

But he surprised the dragonfly,
And stung him on the back.
In the midst of the confusion
The bees turned to attack.

The dragonfly was overwhelmed,
And once he turned to flee,
The queen rushed to, and knelt beside
The inquisitive bee.

He said: "At last, I understand!
And that's why I've returned.
Because I wanted you to know
The lessons that I've learned."

"We cannot live just for ourselves.
That's how you die alone.
Each life should leave a legacy!
A tale written in stone."

"My legacy is you my queen!
You and the hive will live.
I gladly perish for you all.
It's all I have to give…"

And as he breathed his final breath,
The queen began to cry.
When the pearly gates were opened,
She saw a butterfly.

This butterfly was an angel,
Come to escort the bee,
To a garden in paradise,
Where everyone is free.

The angel said: "It's right this way,
There's more to be explored,
The sacrifice that you have made
Has earned you this reward."

"You'll never have to fight again,
With hornets, wasps, or mice.
There is peace within this garden,
For it is paradise."

The inquisitive bee looked back,
And gave the queen a grin.
He told her: "I'll be waiting here …
Until we meet again."

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