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A Faded Past

by Dave Mudford © 2023

scattered on a faded page
words of my wounded heart,
expressing a quiet rage
my hope will now depart

hidden between lines of regret
unspoken grief now weighs heavy,
truth left as a pale silhouette
drowning me beyond the levee.

shadows swamp their promise
poetic dreams beyond my reach,
harshness burdens upon us
clinging to our hearts like a leach…

written on a Holy page
words of God's loving heart,
Calvary; my soul engage
my hope can now restart

revealed through this ancient text
speaking living words of grace,
for even when I am perplexed
all my fears He does replace

lighting my days with His promise
poetic delight comes alive,
Jesus righteousness upon us
restoring us so we can thrive

my defeat now a faded past…

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