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by Kevin Smead © 2022

"There is no God" the atheist says,
"There's nothing but matter and chance.
"There is no spirit, no meaning, no love
"Just atoms and space in a dance."

"There is a God" the deist replies,
"He's distant and never involved.
"Free thinkers now upon reason depend.
The problems of evil are solved."

"But wait" – the polytheist raises his voice,
"Return with me now to old Rome.
"There are many gods- finite though they be.
"Their likeness now sits in my home."

"Ah poor fool" – the pantheist cries,
"All things are just part of the whole.
"One infinite substance is all that exists
"After all – I am God –don't you know."

The theist speaks up and says "That's not true.
"There is only one God we should fear.
"Distinct yes He is from creation.
"Yet in and through all – it is clear"

The Christian says "Yes, theism is true.
"I hold this all dear with no shame
"For reason supports that there must be one God,
'But it's Scripture that tells me His name."

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