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From Here to Eternity

by Bob Johnson

From here to eternity,
seems to be coming too slow.
My bags are all packed,
and I'm ready to go.
At 101 I've seen all I need to see,
ain't nothing left here still a holding me.
My family's all gone
and this musics too loud,
and I'm weary of this place
with this wheelchair crowd.
Oh don't get me wrong,
I still love all that I can,
but I'm tired of living,
on this worldly health plan.
You see Jesus my Savior,
is there waiting for me,
with my loved ones and new body,
I can't wait to see.
And I long to hear those,
those words of "well done,
my good and faithful servant,"
come and join the fun.
Though I started following,
Jesus Christ kind of late,
He has never failed to assure me,
He has reserved my date.
So please don't wake me,
Should I sleep for too long,
The anticipation has ended,
and I'm singing a new song.
From hear to eternity,
is finally here at last,
and that world that I lived in,
wow, did that ever go fast.

This poem was a finalist in the August 2022 poetry contest

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