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Poems by Bob Johnson

poem count: 7 | pages: 1 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 4 times
The Long Journey Home
Sharing our testimony is an important part of our journey. Rather than run or hide from our past, we should willingly share it with those we see on the same road. And though they may not initially respond, you have given them much to think about.

Sometimes finding ourselves locked in a spiritual battle, we can forget we are not fighting in our own strength, but the strength that can only come from the Holy Spirit. When we remember this, it is like the dawn breaking through the darkest night.

Into the Breach
War is always with us, but Jesus promises a day is coming of peace for all His followers

Time finalist in poetry contest
Time can be a friend or foe, but there is a friend that we never have to worry about betrayal.

Terminal finalist in poetry contest
Death & dying we cannot escape in this world, but life in Christ cushions the blow and is hope beyond the grave.

From Here to Eternity finalist in poetry contest
Pondering Eternity through the eyes of a wise old servant.

The Joy of Life first in poetry contest
Where does true joy come from?