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A Lonesome Tattered Man

by Kristine Stanton © 2023

Leaning toward an open fire,
a poor man warmed his hands.
He'd traveled on so many paths—
not one within his plans.

His heart was heavy—weighted down—
'twas lost and all alone.
His tattered clothes had gathered dust
from places where he'd roamed.

This poor man lived from day to day
without a decent meal,
and many nights he'd go to sleep
with hunger pangs so real.

There was no one to share his life,
his thoughts, his words, his cares.
Some passersby just shook their heads,
and some would stop and stare.

Until one day a little girl
had stopped beside this man.
She carried in her hands a meal,
along with an afghan.

She offered him her tiny meal,
and with a great big smile,
she wrapped her blanket 'round his arms
and sat with him a while.

The mother of this little girl
had joined them by the fire.
She offered him a cup of tea
and then she did inquire . . .

She asked this lonely, ragged man
just what his name might be.
He looked at her with saddened eyes
and she could clearly see . . .

The tears that fell and stained his face—
the tears held back for years—
were then released from deep within
along with all his fears. . .

This man was overwhelmed with joy
that someone took the time
to look at him without disdain—
someone who was so kind . . .

God sent this mother and her child
to help this broken man.
Equipped with love and tenderness,
they helped fulfill God's Plan.

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