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Be Careful Where you Wander

by Dave Mudford © 2023

I wander away from my winter home
where the snow is deep and hope is cold,
where blizzard's song calls wherever I roam
And I forget the truth's I have been told.

I wander away from my sure foundation
where what I build just crumbles through my claims,
where the winds of strife guides my conversation
As all I try to hold goes up in flames.

I wander away from the beauty of His grace
where all my efforts end up in failure,
where joy drowns as I strive for meaning to embrace
As I attempt to mend my behaviour.

I wander away from the love that is mine
where doubts begin to surface in my mind,
where my true worth never gets a chance to shine
And I live disconnected and confined.

May I stay in the warmth of His refuge
where God becomes the foundation of my life
where I am sheltered from this world's deluge
And I remember His truth, despite my strife.

May I remain in God's pure love and grace
where I am known and fully accepted,
where I can leave behind all of my disgrace
And I'm to His heart forever connected.

Never wandering from my heavenly home
where His love is deep and hope is bold,
where mercy's song calls wherever I may roam
And I become part of His story told.

This poem was a finalist in the September 2023 poetry contest

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