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by Kristine Stanton © 2023

Dear Lord,

Sometimes we don't show gratitude
for blessings sent our way.
Sometimes we're caught up in ourselves
and get lost in the day.

Sometimes we do not talk with You—
we listen with closed ears.
Sometimes we wander on our own
and things become unclear.

Sometimes we think of things we've done—
the things we can't forget.
Sometimes we hold onto the past
with things we do regret.

Sometimes we're known to blame someone
for wrongs that we have done.
We look at them with judging eyes—
forgiveness—we have none.

Sometimes we do not tell the truth—
our hearts envision lies,
and when those lies pass through our lips
the truth is compromised.

Sometimes we see someone in need
and we just pass them by.
We just ignore their cry for help
and teardrops from their eyes.

Sometimes we grieve for someone else—
someone that we revere.
Sometimes that dear one has moved on
because we're cavalier.

So, now, dear Lord, we come to You
with sorrow in our hearts,
for all the times that we've passed up
and did not do our part.

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