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The Weight Your Faith’s Worth

by Debra Brent © 2023

Unsure what lay huddled down deep in her chest;
A river or creek bed, an ocean's unrest.

It swayed to the feelings shipwrecked in her soul;
Adrift in its depth, a strewed sea of sorrow.

Neither summer, nor fall, even spring's warm embrace,
Could mend of a heart with nothing left to break.

As each tide climaxed, just as harshly it'd fade,
Rip off the last band-aid she barely had laid.

This soul of lament, wandered out to the brink,
Blend into past shadows of which she did drink.

It tasted of bitters, acid bore its name,
Her want was to douse a body born of flames.

This poison imbibed merely enhanced the throng,
Of tidal waves battled alone for so long.

Yet there in the midst of her two flailing arms,
Heard a whisper of hope from The Savior of harm:

"My child, oh loved one, suffocating on pain,
Turn your palms face up, and say only My name.

No need to tread water when I have a plan,
A lifeboat to pull you from his wretched hands.

There's purpose embedded within your despair,
Eternal is solace I bring to you here.

No trauma, no grief, no physical strain,
Awaits you in My arms, no burden of shame.

Just call unto Me, for your Father is here,
To bring you back home, expel all of your fear."

'Twas then she did feel a sharp pain in her chest,
Not harmful, but healing, peace over unrest.

Five decades of anguish spewed up from her throat,
Dispelled each hardship the devil had evoked.

God used her weakness, a bridge to His strength,
Immersion in truth kept the rogue at arm's length.

For He was the answer, and always had been,
A light in the darkness, not a means to an end.

Fear not when submerged amid squalls here on earth,
For nothing can drown of the weight your faith's worth.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2023 poetry contest

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