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This Great Birth

by Kevin Smead © 2023

Eternal existence, before all the ages;
No time stamp on Him, unlike all the sages;
He was the Son, and that eternally!
One with the Father, equal these two;
And these with the Spirit, these things are true;
God three in one, the blessed Trinity!

Born for us in time, a virgin conception;
Came forth as a child, no great royal reception;
The world in darkness did not see the light!
The great star was shining, over the earth;
The angels were singing about this great birth;
None but a few came to the truth that night!

No room in the inn, He was placed in a manger;
Swaddling clothes to protect him from danger;
He came as a servant, so He could set us free!
Born to a family in great destitution;
Born to save sinners, not start revolution;
And though He was rich, yet He became poor for me!

This child was God's gift, to a world full of sin;
He broke all the chains, we can be born again;
His life, His works, His cross, His empty tomb!
He died in our place, He is God, He is able;
Now He's exaltled, no child in a stable;
Still just as perfect as when in the virgin's womb!

Come now poor sinner, walk into His grace;
Humble yourself and trust Him with your case;
It's not for nothing that Jesus He was named!
Jehovah's salvation is now calling you;
Believe it this Christmas and be made brand new;
All who believe it will never be ashamed!

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